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PAWAN Vertical POP's

Level Vertical POP
SNC 01
DNC 22
BNC 43
Total 118

List Of PAWAN Horizontal Offices

Level Horizontal Offices
SNC 107
DNC 556
SDNC 191
BNC 67
Total 832



PAWAN is a three tier IP based Network (IPV6 ready) to provide connectivity among Punjab Government offices at State Head Quarter (SNC), District Head Quarter (DNC), Sub-Division (SDNC) & Block Head Quarters (BNC) with the objective of making information easily accessible across the various Departments and to the people across the State. Total 118 PoPs (Points of Presence) have been created across State. 


PAWAN Network Operating Centre (NOC) is at State Head Quarter (SNC). All district Headquarters (DNCs) are connected to State Head Quarter using 1Gbps/100 Mbps & 34 Mbps integration with NIC &16 Mbps as a backup from BSNL leased circuits. Similarly, all Sub Divisions/ Blocks (BNCs) are further connected to their respective District Headquarters (DNCs) using 16 Mbps leased links. Last mile connectivity at SNC and DNC level PoPs is given on Ethernet over Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) and terminated on RJ45 port of Routers. However, at SDNC/BNC level PoPs, last mile connectivity is on copper media and terminated on E1 port of Router.

Logically, the PAWAN network has been divided into two parts namely:

  • Verticalconnectivity:The vertical connectivity refers to the PAWAN Backbone. It is implemented using three-tier architecture with the State Headquarter (SNC) connected to the each District Head Quarter (DNC) which in turn gets connected to the each Subdivision/Block Head Quarter (SDNC/BNC).
    • Each SNC, DNC and SDNC/BNC point of connection is called a Point of Presence (PoP), which is a point of bandwidth aggregation for several network links getting connected at this point. The bandwidth provisioning for network connectivity between all the above PoPs is a minimum of 2 Mbps. Presently, the connectivity provisioning between every SNC and DNC is for 1 Gbps and DNC to every SDNC/BNC is 16 Mbps. PAWAN Backbone is through conventional leased lines, and all PAWAN backbone leased lines links terminate on the routers placed at each PAWAN POP.
  • Horizontal connectivity: The Horizontal connectivity of PAWAN is composed of horizontal offices spread across the State. All vertical PoPs of PAWAN have further provision for Horizontal connectivity. In horizontal connectivity, the government offices at each tier are connected to the respective PoPs.
  • The schematic network diagrams of PAWAN is shown in the figures below:

HighLevel–PAWAN Architecture


  • SNC – DNC – SDNC/BNC Connectivity :Four districts defined as Aggregation Points are Jalandhar, Patiala, Ludhiana and Bathinda. The rest districts are connected directly to the SNC as well as through their respective aggregation points. In case, the main leased line link between any DNC and SNC fails, the network of that DNC is still up, since the data now gets routed through its aggregation point. However if the main link between the aggregation point and SNC fails, the link is still up, as the traffic can now be routed through any of the DNC’s under it.
  • District/Aggregation Point Level Network : In order to provide Hardware level redundancy two Fast Ethernet (FE) ports are provided at SNC. Four of the Aggregation links are terminated on one FE port and the rest of the sixteen DNC links are terminated on second FE port. Thus in case one of the FE fails, the connectivity is never lost as the network is up using the other FE using the aggregation point as described above.